First post and about me

September 25th 2010

I've had an online presence for quite a long time, I've even owned this domain for a while without doing anything with it. This site is going to be an experiment managing my online presence and perhaps even contributing some things of my own to the online technology sphere.

At Work

Over the last 6 years as an IT consultant I have been fortunate enough to be exposed to a myriad of technologies. My role has varied, mostly falling somewhere into what's considered 'devops' now. Many of the projects I have worked on consisted of integration and automation of IT processes as well as implementing monitoring ( namely, zabbix ) and virtualization solutions. Not really glamorous, but I have had the pleasure of working with many talented, fun people who have made these experiences memorable.

At Home

When I'm not wrangling legacy PHP and Perl at work, I'm stumbling my way through my own projects at home. Recently, I have been drawn to the breadth of 'evented' frameworks making their way into the ecosystem. Perl's excellent AnyEvent modules and Node.js' amazing community have taken up the bulk of my project time.

While much of what I do is 'web stuff', I'm no designer. Any issues with this site are testament to that fact. If you have any design recommendations for anything you see here. Please voice them.

Why Moshen?

I've been using it (or some variation thereof) for almost the entire online life, probably starting with EfNet in the 90's. With Colin being common enough to make finding an available (legible) username in most places troublesome, I have always resorted to pseudonyms.

I know there are alternate meanings, but its use here is from the phonetic spelling of 'motion'.

That's all for now. More to come...

By Colin Kennedy